The Final Countdown

As I write this we are five days away from launch! While I am excited I have some major butterflies in my stomach! A lot has been done, a lot is falling into place and there is yet a lot to do.

This past week we had our photo shoot. In Chicago we have had some crazy weather these past few weeks, but the day of the shoot, it was perfect! Brilliant sunshine. And the studio is gorgeous with floor to ceiling windows along one face so we had this amazing light streaming in all through the morning. We shot all the looks for the online store - front and back, top and bottom, fabric details, embellishment details - all needed to really show the product well on the site.


For the next few days we will be working fiendishly on the last minute details. All the product is being steamed and tagged. Programs for the show are being made up. (In keeping with the name of the show "Dance", the programs will be a beautiful silk fan with a program hanging from it - just like the dance cards on the fans of ladies at a ball) . Models, makeup and hairstylists are being given details. The Kankakee Chamber Musicians who will be playing for the show itself are ready and excited. And among other things we are prepping over 100 goodie bags.

I will try and post images throughout the day on April 14 on my Instagram and Twitter feeds if you are interested in seeing the preparations. As of that day we will also be moving the blog to our online store and website We welcome you to check it out and we would love it if you continued following us there.

These last few months have been a lot of hard work...tiring but fun. As we get ready to launch I would like to thank everyone who has been a great support, and my own personal cheering know who you are! I look forward to this continuing adventure and hope you will come along to share it with me.

Thank you again.....and see you on the other side!