One of the trends for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 season is the white button down shirt. Now you might turn around and say "but that has been around forever!"....and you are right. The white shirt has been a versatile and timeless fixture of a woman's closet for years. Lauren Bacall wore it back in 1948 in Key Largo. And even Marilyn Monroe among other screen icons have donned this simple garment.

This coming season a number of designers have showcased the white dress shirt, albeit with a few twists of their own. It is amazing how an essentially masculine garment can give a woman intense feminine appeal. No, no, I'm not being sexist here, but come on which one of us does not want to look good?!


Styling the white shirt is easy. It can be worn over a tank, loose and slightly unbuttoned in place of a jacket. You can wear it tucked into jeans or a slim cropped pair of pants. It is super cute with a pair of loose shorts or a skirt be it short or long.  Now if you are looking for that twist, some of todays designs have taken this staple and given it a makeover. Wear it in a dressy silk or structured organza. Wear it with lace ruffles, and even sleeveless. And if you are looking for something really different put on the shirt dress  or even a strapless number.

So enjoy shopping for the shirt or variations on a theme (of which there are many.) You will find an overwhelming offering from the simple but timeless Ralph Lauren piece, or the couture creations of Dior or Chanel, to the rather different designs of Stella McCartney, Commes des Garcon or Zac Posen to name a few. Or if you are willing to wait we will have some of our own up for sale in a few short months!