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Sujata Gazder grew up in India where style can be found in the sumptuous brocades of Benares, the exquisite pietra dura of the Taj Mahal, and the graceful patterns of pashmina shawls... and where saris can be as hip as a great pair of jeans. It is in this world that she learned how to experiment with bold new techniques while honoring old traditions of embroidery and beadwork. An accomplished pianist, Sujata is as passionate about music as she is about fashion design. Be it in needle and thread or in ebony and ivory, she enjoys expressing herself in different creative ways.

Sujata creates clothes for women who enjoy their femininity and who are not afraid of expressing themselves. A hint of mystery mingled with a dash of pep make her designs modern outfits for the modern women. Glamour never fades in her elegant ensembles. It is tradition with a contemporary edge, classic with a wee bit of spice for a fresh, luxurious look.

 Sujata has presented her signature collection at the American + International Designers Show in New York City. Her collections have also been featured in Elite and Lucky magazines as well as publications such as Chicago Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Factio Magazine, L.A. Fashion magazine and a number of blogs. Her garments have been worn by the members of the cast of the daytime television show “All My Children” as well as one of the stars Susan Lucci. In September 2006, Sujata was featured in Chicago Magazine as one of the “Rising Stars of Midwest Fashion”. That same year, her designs were showcased in two important runway shows including the Gen Art’s“Fresh Faces” and in Macy’s launch of “Designers of Chicago Shop”.  In 2010 Sujata was also honored by Mayor Daley, and Maria Pappas as an Entrepreneur to Watch. She has also since shown many times at Chicago Fashion Week, including at the coveted event “Allure of Couture”. The collection has sold in over 20 stores nationwide and in a few stores internationally.